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Between two weekends: A better way to be Pro-Life

As someone who has a masters degree in Social Work and a member of a conservative Christian denomination, my facebook feed spans the political gamut. To quote a favorite show of mine, I find myself "fiercely independent", leaning left on some issues and leaning right on others.  I voted for neither major-party candidate in the most recent election - opting to write in the person I thought was the best choice - despite living in a state where my write-in vote wouldn't count.

This weekend my facebook is angry on both sides - and both are right - partially. The left is correct to be angry at a President who has made derogatory remarks at almost every minority group in America.  The right is right to fight for the rights of the unborn as image-bearers and to tell the left they are wrong on this very important issue.

As Christians, we need to see all people as image-bearers.  This means immigrants - legal or not, those who look like us - or don't, those who think like us - or don't.  Those who have the same means as we do - and those who don't.

In fact - as our country becomes more secular - we can't expect non-Christians to act in Christ-like ways, and so while our mission has always been the same - it somehow takes on a new "revolutionary" bent - sounding more like those not at home - caught between the already and the not yet.  Because that's where we are.

And so I would encourage you not to "yell" on social media.  Invite those you know who think differently into your home - not to try to change their minds on your <insert issue>, but to share the love of Christ.  Support ministries in your town that work with kids in foster care or crisis situations, learn more about crisis pregnancy situations, modern-day slavery, inner-city family concerns, and ways to be involved.  God calls us to different tasks in this situation - giving money, giving time, opening our home.  Righteous anger is Biblical.  But so is loving our neighbor.

Next Saturday - march where you can, give how you can, pray about how to be involved.  But I encourage you not to yell - in person or online - at the person (especially the non-Christian) who is on the other side.  Yelling doesn't build bridges and I doubt it is the most effective evangelization tool.

Be righteously angry - but try to be Christ-like in doing so.  Because in our concern for life - not only does life begin at conception, but it doesn't end at death.  Keep that in mind as you encounter the "other side".


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